Java Servlets with Jboss

Java Servlets with Jboss

This post is mainly about issued faced and resolved while developing Phonegap application on Client side  and Servlets on Jboss server as Server side.

Eclipse Rename bug

If you try to rename your Servlet class name by right click and Refactor/Rename will affect the constructor of your class name but it will not affect web.xml which is located in WEB-INF as default option. And throws error  Class not found: Make sure while renaming select option "Update fully qualified names in non-Java text files".

Changing Context Path of Servlet to run on Jboss server

I had my app "Myapp" running on local host. With normal connection my path to would be

http://localhost:8080/Myapp Now I need to change my Url to change to http://localhost:8080/somepath/Myapp

So I surfed for a while on web and came up with solution on Change context Path

Along with web.xml in WEB-INF folder we need to add  jboss-web.xml in WEB-INF folder to change the path   

 Other Solurions are :

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